Calling to Islam: All about Dawah

Muslims in the West have many chances and occasions to call non-Muslims to Islam. Some of these include:

* Co-workers at the workplace
* Fellow students in school
* Neighbors and friends in our neighborhoods and communities
* Family members
* Online

How do we guarantee that we are calling to Islam as per the methodology of the Messengers of Allah?
In this one-day seminar, “Calling to Islam: All about Dawah”, students will learn some of the best techniques and tips to call non-Muslims to Islam.

The seminar will touch upon topics such as:

* What is dawah?
* Why give dawah and goals of giving dawah
* Who can give dawah?
* Manners in giving dawah
* How to deal with controversial issues
* Common mistakes to avoid when giving dawah
* How to talk to people of common backgrounds (Atheist, Christians, etc.)

And much more!